We believe that renewable energy projects in Sub-Saharan Africa will not work without a dedication to quality components and the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire installation and maintenance process. In both commercial and industrial settings; GreenTech provides stand-alone or hybrid solar power solutions. We only partner with industry leaders in solar system components to offer the highest level of quality and expertise to our clients.


Our varied projects include; schools, banks, hospitals, hotels, oil industry, telecoms, commercial and residential buildings and large-scale communities. Our clients are accustomed to paying a high premium for generating adequate power for their operations. Our clients have a dire need for consistent reliable energy for their operation and continued success.

The GreenTech Solar Power Package experience is custom crafted for unique customer specifications. GreenTech Solar Power Packages harness the free power of the sun to provide stability to your OPEX and help you grow your business.

Our dedication to the highest quality design, technology, equipment, and implementation ensures the longevity of the project for the benefit of the end users.



Warranties are provided with each piece of equipment as well as the entire project and they can range from 10-25 years. Our services will work and are proven. The warranties will give you an extra piece of mind


We will offer a range of creative financing options. A Solar Power Package from GreenTech is a serious investment. Our financing partners and options will be designed to maximize your profit and investment.


Once we have installed the GreenTech System, we follow up and make sure you are maximizing the benefit of the system. If there are any necessary repairs the GreenTeam will ensure that your needs are met. Technology makes it easy to get up to date status on your system at all times.

Reliability and Consistency

Reliable and consistent 24 hour power is a reality when using our renewable energy solutions tailored to your unique specifications. We are very flexible and are committed to giving bespoke services.

Expert Planning and Implementation

Our Global Team comprises of industry leading renewable energy experts and clean power enthusiasts and hence, we are very confident with our plans & executions.

Design and Technology

Return on investment comes from investing in the best technology and design. As technology improves, our team will only partner with the best manufactures on the market to complete your solar system.