GreenTech Renewable Energy Platform. We provide expertise across the entire Solar Value Chain

Feasibility study
Design Development
Project Finance
Material and technology selection
Safety Inspections
Testing, QA and Commissioning
Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring

Commercial & Industrial

This hybrid or stand-alone installtion is perfect as a supplement to your current diesel generator and public grid energy mix.

It can include batteries to maximize your energy needs at night.

The addition of solar can reduce your operating expenses on a monthly basis and ensure a consistent, and reliable energy throughout your operating hours.

Utility Scale Solar Power Plants

A utility scale solar power plant can power communities and is an adequate solution to the lack of grid connections in rural communities.

A solar solution for utilities can assist states and countries in achieving the crucial energy requirements that improve socio-economic conditions for burgeoning populations.

Off-Grid solar solutions

An off-grid solution provides a viable energy source for communities and states that are not adequately connected to the national grid.

Solar Containers and Storage

10KW-50KW Solar Systems

A solar container solution is perfect for businesses or homes with adequate space for a container solution and minimal rooftop space.

Reliability and Consistency

Reliable and consistent 24 hour power is a reality when using our renewable energy solutions tailored to your unique specifications. We are very flexible and are committed to giving bespoke services.

Expert Planning and Implementation

Our Global Team comprises of industry leading renewable energy experts and clean power enthusiasts and hence, we are very confident with our plans & executions.

Design and Technology

Return on investment comes from investing in the best technology and design. As technology improves, our team will only partner with the best manufactures on the market to complete your solar system.