Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU)

Drilling operations generate significant quantities of waste which are often contaminated with drilling fluids, hence requires professional handling and processing. EcoSystems leads the industry in providing cost-effective technologies designed to reduce the environmental footprint of your drilling operations.

Our new generation thermal desorption process exhibits profound advantage over conventional units as it utilizes low heating temperatures to ensure recovery of your drilling fluid, high throughput operation and sophisticated emission control systems.

We provide trustworthy logistics coupled with support service for waste drying, collection and transportation of wastes to our designated processing facility for remediation. Based on the characteristics of the cleaned produce, we provide terminal productive uses with particular consideration of the environment.

In addition to our core service, tanks on your operational rigs and supply vessels require effective cleaning as sludge is often generated and stored fluids change properties.

Similarly, hydrocarbon-containing OBMs potentially contaminates the slop water, hence the slops are considered hazardous to the environment and can be very expensive to treat.

We are committed to ensure tank cleaning is done properly with little or no risks to personnel and the environment. Often, tank cleaning involves pressure washers, personnel equipped with hoses, or shovels. At EcoSystems we offer unique cost effective solutions to your challenges by significantly reducing slop volumes and recover the OBMs in an eco-friendly manner.