EcoSystems Environmental Management Services Limited is a major supplier of Drilling and Well Completion Materials. We have established strong relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Procurement from EcoSystems is world class, thanks to our experienced supply chain and logistics professionals.

We deliver all necessary Drilling Equipment: Heavy duty equipment (forklifts, cranes), Drill Pipes, Shale Shakers, Shaker Screens, Completion Screens for Sand and Flow controls, Centrifuges, Compressors (centrifugal, reciprocating, rotary, axial, laboratory, screw, refrigerator) to your preferred location.

Bulk Containers

We offer extensive range of dimensions of common containers utilized for storage and containment of tools and specific materials. Our containers are designed and manufactured to meet international safety standards.

Some of the containers include; Mudskips, Skips, Containers, Chemical Tanks, Chemical Injection System, Containment Basins, Compactors, Cryogenic Tanks, Polyethylene Lined Acid Tanks, Cargo Carrying Basket, Mini Containers, Gas Bottle Racks, Half height Containers, ISO Containers.

Spill Absorbents

During oilfield operations, product delivery (piped or trucked), product storage and use of petroleum and non-petroleum products, accidental and inevitable spillages occur that can cause immediate harm to the environment. We provide cleaning support materials that can be utilized as a containment tool or stored for pre-emergency response for your facilities. Our absorbent materials feature high performance and uniquely innovative technology specifically for provide excellent solutions to mitigate spills and leakages on land and in water. Whatever the location and type of spill or leakage we provide the appropriate high standard absorbent materials; booms, pillows, socks rolls, granules, pads, wipes, sweeps and spill response kits. In addition, We offer unique and simple tools that adopts multistage filtration process to treat contaminated water that can be pumped out of manholes, vaults, sumps, retention ponds and ditches.