With a network of experts, EcoSolutex Integrated Services Ltd a subsidiary of EcoSystems Environmental Management Services (EEMS) Ltd offers a range of environmental consultancy and technology services. Our services cut across all stages of the oil and gas value chain; from exploration through to drilling to distribution and storage. Our strong technical background enables us to develop and provide efficient risk management solutions that incorporate social and environmental risks in order to develop policies, assess impacts, design and implement programs, report, manage risks and costs and attaining regulatory approvals.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We have experienced consultancy principals with ability to carry out complex and challenging EIAs from the scoping stage to production of an Environmental Statement through to representation at any required public inquiry.

Environmental Site Assessment

EcoSolutex has team of Contaminated Land professionals and risk assessors that effectively assess conditions of sites to prevent future exposure of existing or potential pollutants to the public or the environment. ESAs are performed in two phases, Phase I (desk-top) and Phase II (intrusive), with remediation following if deemed necessary following the completion of both phases.

Contaminated Land

Our contaminated land investigators have international experience in assessing and providing cost-effective and efficient solutions to redevelop contaminated land to a Green state to protect human and environmental health. We use four phases (desk-top, intrusive, remediation & validation) of investigation that may be required on your site.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Our Environmental and Public Health professionals have experience in undertaking HIA to provide vital information to decision makers on the potential effects of a project and the implication of on-going operations on human health and biota.

Environmental Management and Audits

EcoSolutex delivers corporate and project environmental management programmes. We also develop strategies, implement effective operational management practices and report performance and due diligence at the appropriate time.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment evaluates planned processes prior to implementation. This enables our clients to allocate costs to the manufacturing process and risks to any environmental liabilities.

Corporate Responsibility

We can work with your staff and stakeholders to develop effective corporate responsibility programmes, such as in the environmental and social sectors of communities.

Waste Management

As waste management professionals, our capabilities range from strategy and policy development to procurement, training, design and implementation of efficient waste minimization, recovery and treatment technologies.