EcoSystems Environmental Management Services (EEMS) is a fully owned and duly registered Nigerian Company with its head office in Lagos and operating base in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Her short term regional focus is West Africa activities on all terrains (Land, Swamp and Offshore)

EEMS is focused on helping businesses reduce the environmental footprint of their activities and operations, thereby improving the quality of our fragile ecosystem.

With a firm belief that 'Oil and Gas Operations can be Green' EEMS services both onshore and offshore using engineering processes and materials that seek to reduce and where possible, eliminate waste.

Where wastes are generated we manage them until they are processed to a form where they can be reused, recycled, recovered (3Rs) or returned to Mother Nature, all whilst meeting the highest statutory standards.

Promoters of EEMS are Industry veterans with working knowledge of major oil basins across the globe. We are therefore able to “think globally and act locally”.


Our additional focus is developing and advancing renewable and clean energy initiatives.

EcoSystems Environmental Services Green Technology Division provides the highest quality, renewable energy solution for residential and commercial clients, investors, government, community and environment stakeholders in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.


To be a catalyst in the GREEN transformation of Oil and Gas activities. We are a one-stop shop that provides Environmentally Friendly Products and Services, helping our customers meet sustainability targets that they are proud of. Despite increasing population growth and demand for energy, EEMS envisages helping our customers to mitigate pollution and emissions to achieve significant reduction in current levels of pollution. In other words, EEMS intends to make remarkable differences.


Integrity at all levels (personal, professional and operational) of what we do. We earn your trust by doing exactly what is required, ensuring that all our transactions are conducted with the highest ethical standards;

Customer Satisfaction: We earn our business by meeting our customer expectations.

Safety: No one gets hurt – Our aim is always to achieve zero incidents in all our operations all the time, everywhere.

Sustainability: We make a healthy profit from all our Product and Service lines. This guarantees our ability to be there tomorrow to serve our customers.