Oilfield operations are not accomplished without the utilization of specific production chemicals to ensure oil recovery. Several challenges are encountered during drilling, we are committed to providing specific solutions to meet our clients' challenging situations. We provide and supply wide range of common oilfield chemicals for your operations:

Water Treatment Chemicals

Biocides, Filter cleaner, Scale dissolver and inhibitor, Paraffin inhibitor, Oxygen Scavenger, Polyectrolytes, Defoamer, Demulsifiers, Deoiler, Corrosion inhibitor, Water Clarifiers and Hydrate inhibitors and Cleaning products.

Drilling Fluids and Additives

Emulsifiers, Rheology emulsifier, Thinner/Deflocculant, Wetting agent/surfactant

Specialty Chemicals

Production Enhancement/Stimulation, Pipe Dope Cleaning for Gravel Pack Completion, Green Biodegradable Degreaser and Flow Assurance